Name & Logo

  • Maintain proportional text to image (modern thought bubbles).
  • The logo can be displayed without the square border.
  • The logo can be displayed with the image to the right of Coauth.
  • Always default to using the name and logo to show off your presence on Coauth.
  • Don’t change the color, design or appearance of the name and logo in any way.
  • Unless the name and logo will appear in a list of other social media logos, be sure to include a clear call to action. Ex: “Tell it on Coauth”
  • Remember to request permission if you’re planning to use the name and logo in broadcast or film.
  • Our downloadable logo has editable layers.
  • Please represent Coauth in a phone or tablet, not in a desktop interface.


  • Use the name and logos found on our Brand page, and not anywhere else.
  • Avoid trademarks, names, domain names, logos or other content that could be confused with Coauth.
  • Don’t use the Coauth brand in a way that implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement.
  • This includes combining any part of the Coauth brand with a company name, marks or with other generic terms, as well as making Coauth the most distinctive or prominent feature of your design.
  • Combining “Coauth” with a descriptive word in a #hashtag can make a good call to action to encourage people to join Coauth (Ex: #OnCoauth, #CoauthWithMe).
  • However, it’s not appropriate for that hashtag to be used on other social networks, to try to acquire or enforce rights over that word or phrase, or to combine “Coauth” with your own brand.
  • Use the name and logo to show off your presence on Coauth.
  • You must get approval for all broadcast, television and film campaigns that uses Coauth’s brand or logo in any capacity. However, Coauth doesn’t require a Brand Permissions Request for print and digital campaign as long as you adhere to the Coauth brand terms.
  • You may scale the size of Coauth brand assets to suit your needs, as long as they are not the most distinctive or prominent feature on your web page, printed material or other content.
  • You can only use the official Coauth brand assets that are available from this brand terms page.


  • Coauth the name and logo, combined or separate are trademarks of Couth and cannot be used outside of these brand terms without prior written consent.
  • Coauth doesn’t permit or license its trademarks, logos or other intellectual property for use on merchandise like toys, apparel or accessories, although you’re welcome to use it on your packaging. If you’re planning to use our assets for your packaging, be sure to follow our brand terms.
  • You can use the word Coauth as part of your book, play or film to fairly and accurately describe your subject matter, as long as it’s clear that Coauth doesn’t endorse or sponsor your project.
  • Except for purposes of providing content attribution for stories in accordance with these guidelines, you may not use Coauth logos or images in your book, play or film without written permission from Coauth.
  • You may not use any Coauth trademarks, including the name or a modified name (for example co-auth or changing the .co end TLD to something else), in your trademark, domain name, username or other account name.
  • Only use someone’s username, full name, email address, profile photo or image if you have their permission. Same goes for any logos, images, trademarks or service marks from other companies or organizations.
  • Always follow all local privacy, intellectual property and publicity laws.

Importance of Branding

  • This brand page exists to ensure consistency in branding Coauth by others.
  • We’re proud of what we’ve created and want others to be conscious of our branding during their use of Coauth.
  • For permission to use the Coauth brand, submit your request here: